Froutz in China

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Prep for Sabbatical 2005 in China

We Froutz are getting ready to leave for China. Things have been so crazy (what's new?). Last week we went to Orcas Island with Becky's sister and her family.

Now we're scrambling the next few days to take care of an assortment of tasks that couldn't be done last week. Getting Hepatitis A shots, etc. Greg needs to go to the International District to get some Chinese printing done... Clara takes classes at Tacoma Art Museum and Katie crucial violin lessons. Becky's working on one last project (another fundraiser) for which she paints on a ceramic mask of a woman's face. The ceramic face is very plain, so she's using collage, text and painting, to make "her" look like a Chinese Opera character. Good reason to shop around for fake flowers and doo-dads.

Everyone in the family is doing their best to see friends before the big trip starts. Wednesday is the big party at the new Tacoma Marriott for the Suitcase Sighting. Great opportunity!
Seems life is rotating around the computer more & more. From China the internet will be The way to connect with friends and relatives elsewhere.