Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Emei Shan

Last week-end we climbed around on a sacred mountain called Emei Shan--about a 3 hour bus ride southwest of Chengdu.
The mountain is dotted with twenty active temples and monestaries connected by a multitude of stairs. It has been one of the Middle Kingdom's four Buddhist Mountains since the advent of Buddhism. Quite a hike, you can go up more than 2500m.

It's beautiful and very green there. The air is clean up high. But there are So many tourists (Chinese mostly) that it is impossible to experience any "serenity in nature"--or anything like it. Crazy.

Outside the internet cafe, on the outskirts of campus a little drum and bugle band is starting up. I think they are gearing up for the big National Day celebrations on October 1st.

We leave for 6 days in Tibet on Sunday.


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Nice post. Emei Shan a mountain that rises from earth at a height of approximately 3,099 m. This is most heighten mountain from the Four scared Buddhist Mountains. Mount Emei Sunrise and Cloud Sea is the most tourist attraction place.There are almost thirty old temples located on Emei Shan. People come here with messed up mind but then go with the open mind. For more details refer Emei shan mountain

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