Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hello from Chengdu: The Tao of Discovery.

We arrived at our destination at Sichuan University one week ago. Since then we have been learning our way around, finding food that Clara will eat, and relying on Greg's considerable Chinese vocabulary to get things done. It is very humid here in the heart of Sichuan Province. But last night's wind and rain has brought a lower, more comfortable temperature.

Today we begin an assortment of classes taught by Chinese teachers. Katie will study Chinese language. Becky will study calligraphy. And all of us will learn Tai Chi two times per week. In fact, we are being measured today for proper Tai Chi tunics and trousers!

We hope to have internet access in our apartment tomorrow! This will allow us to use the laptop and attach photographs, etc. As for now, we go to one of the dark, smoky internet cafes outside the campus gates, but it's very cheap.--although all the prompts are in Chinese so that's a bit difficult sometimes. Also, all the letters have worn off the keys... Truly typing blindly, or in the blind. More soon.

The Froutz


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