Saturday, November 12, 2005

Three Gorges, Xian and Beijing

Already it is time to think about leaving on December 4th!
We will be traveling for 2 weeks together with 5 PLU students via the Three Gorges. The plan was to start in Chongqing for a boat trip down the Yangste River. But we've been informed that the water in the river is too low. So we'll take a four hour bus ride to a village called Fengdu where we'll meet "Princess Sheena", a 5-story high ship.

Some of us may have a daiquiri in the bar of Princess Sheena.
Mind you, Daiquiris were originated in Daiquiri, Cuba, as a part of an attempt to combat malaria. The rum was used to ward off fever, and American engineers, no doubt long-time fans of Mary Poppins, added a spoonful of sugar to their medicine, topped it with lime juice, shook it up with ice, and drank to their health.

After that we'll travel into the "Three Gorges" in much smaller boats each day. At one point we'll be pulled against the current in low, wooden boats by men called "trackers". We'll disembark in Yichang to take a look at the famous "Yangste River Sturgeon" aquarium.

Big, ugly fish (up to 4 meters long, weighing over 1000 pound) that are being bred in tanks so that they won't go extinct after the 3 Gorges Dam is finished.

We'll take an overnight train to Xian where it'll be much colder and dryer. With 40ºF we'll need to bundle up. Haven't heard anything pretty about the winter haze, which is supposed to smell like coal furnace. Xian is an ancient place formerly known as Chang'An where the Emperor Qin Shi Huang held forth with his army of terra cotta warriors, and then…

Beijing, with the "Five Friendlies", the Official Mascots of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, carrying a message of friendship and peace--and blessings from China--to children all over the world.

Clara and Becky will fly back to the U.S. on Dec. 17th in time to travel with Grandma Froutz to New Jersey on Dec. 20th.
Katie's boyfriend Rod will join us in Beijing and then travel with Katie and Greg for 2 more weeks in China.

We'll all be "following our bliss" in most ways, although we're sorry the whole family won't be together for Xmas.


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